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Everyone, if you are upset about Zach’s interview tomorrow, please just don’t watch it and ignore the situation instead of sending hate about Zach. And if you do feel inclined to send hate, please just make it about Miss Whatever instead of Zach. Its going to get really tiring really fast if half the “zankie” fans hate on Zach for this. And I really don’t want to have to avoid tumblr. Or have to block people.


If Zach declined a interview, it would kinda be pretty disrespectful.

Him being interviewed by someone who doesn’t like Frankie, doesn’t change zach’s opinion on Frankie.

Stop fucking attacking Zach.

Some of you make crazy accusations and then just take them as 100% correct.

Zach isn’t going to hate Frankie for stupid shit he said in the house, when he’s said some pretty nasty shit about Frankie as well.

It’s all fucking good.

Would you guys just chill?

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